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Last updated on June 23, 2021 1:51 pm

Webroot Internet Security Complete 2016 Review

Webroot Secure Anywhere Internet Security Complete offers real-time protection for devices such as Macs and PCs, blocking malware, identity theft, and phishing attacks.

Webroot Internet Security Complete Discount Coupon Code

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A multiplatform protection software, Webroot Secure Anywhere Internet Security Complete has good features and notable performance. The program comes with a management console that offers greater functionality than its usual software counterpart. Plus, with a subscription that includes cloud storage of up to 25GB backup space, Webroot certainly stands out from the sea of computer protection applications.

Also, one license allows you to protect up to five different computing platforms, whether it is an android device, an iOS device, a PC, or a Mac.


Webroot Secure Anywhere Internet Security Complete 2016 provides a handful of unique features that most online security software in the market don’t. Below are the program’s key feature functionality.

Online Backup Storage


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Apart from one internet security software competitor, Webroot is the only program that introduces a 25GB cloud backup space. Some applications do not even have online storage at all.

With a smart cloud technology, Webroot lets you back up documents, files, music, and other files to protect them from threats real-time. It also allows you to quickly scan your files and secure your financial details and online identity without slowing down the Internet.

File Shredder and System Optimizer

Unlike most security software, Webroot Internet Security Complete integrates a virtual file shredder in its latest version. If you do not already know, deleting or moving a file to trash does not remove it entirely from your computer’s hard disk, thus, it whatever file you delete can still be picked up using file-recovery utilities.

Webroot’s file shredder works to erase any trace of that deleted file to free up your hard drive. It also clears your device of traces of online activity and wipes it up so that private and important information remains protected.


When you install Webroot into your device, it automatically activates a tracker. So that when you lose it, you will be able to track your device and remotely lock it so sensitive data cannot be accessed. The tracker also lets you wipe your lost device from a remote location to keep any private information from leaking.

Application Protection

With the intelligence network constantly updated in real time, Webroot Internet Security Complete 2016 automatically scans your device and repair infected systems.

Moreover, it can detect phishing and malicious downloaded applications, links, and files and stops them before infecting any other program.

Password Manager

Another useful feature is Webroot’s password manager. It stores usernames, passwords, and even credit card details in one password-protected location, which you can utilize to access your online accounts safely.

However, Webroot Internet Security Complete 2016 does not offer an anti-theft functionality or parental controls in the Window module as opposed to other Internet security software that do. Meanwhile, although the software’s Mac module has anti-phishing, it does not include an online backup storage.

Other Features


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The latest version of Webroot Internet Security Complete includes a web can protection, which detects and blocks spying threats. And with a secure dashboard, you can manage different devices at once no matter where you are.

Additionally, the program’s privacy shields and anti-phishing feature protect your information against financial fraud and identity theft.


  • Leverages a 25GB-cloud computing storage system, which allows for faster updates and lesser system slowdowns
  • Provides features that efficiently detect and remove issues and threats
  • Offers solid computer security by deleting temporary files and completely wiping your system to ensure that any deleted files won’t be recovered
  • Clear, well thought out interface
  • The management dashboard offers more functionality than typical online security applications in this product space


  • Features offered vary depending on the platform used
  • Customer tech support is not available round the clock
  • Does not include parental controls


When it comes to safeguarding your system against online threats, Webroot Secure Anywhere Internet Security Complete does a good job without compromising your device’s performance and your online experience.

The program goes beyond Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus and has more features than Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Plus. It includes a multi-platform management console that allows you to control a number of its features which is not limited to managing the application’s anti-theft functionality and subscriptions.

With useful features and solid performance, Webroot is unarguably one of the best internet security products in the market for individuals running devices with different operating systems.

Bottom line: If integrated parental controls is not something you need, Webroot Secure Anywhere Internet Security Complete 2016 is an option worth considering to secure several computing devices that runs in various operating systems.

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