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Trend Micro Maximum Security 10 is a new brand security device. A company that is well known for producing the best IT security system produced the device. The company is not new as far as IT security is concerned. The most recent product of the company is the Trend Micro Maximum Security 10. This device has all it takes to protect your operating system such as firewall protection, antivirus engine, parental controls, as well as different security tools. The latest product from them is the version 10. It is sometimes referred to as Trend Micro Maximum Security 2016.

2016 he main console

Photo from Trend Micro


Trend Micro Maximum Security 2016 has great features and that is why it is able to perform multiple functions. Here are some of the features:


One thing great with this system is the fact that it provides all the security measures to protect your system. It provides an antivirus engine; this is in addition to different tools it offers to you. However, one thing unique with the system is that it does not offer any firewall module. It depends on Windows Firewall to protect your operating system. To ensure that it offers the maximum firewall protection, it has another feature called Firewall Booster. This collaborates with your Windows Firewall to fortify your operating system. Moreover, it could detect botnet program anytime it wants to invade your computer.

The system uses Windows Firewall to provide decent protection. You can get the best protection using this Windows Firewall as well as Firewall Booster. There would be nothing like vulnerability.

Antivirus and antispyware

Another good thing you are going to like about Trend Micro Maximum Security 10 is the effective protection it provides to your system when you are connected to the net. It offers effective internet connection because if filters your HTTP traffic and the aim is to avoid loading any malicious webpage. This works for you irrespective of the way you browse the web. This means that you are protected and your data is protected anytime that you access the website.


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Moreover, to ensure that web users are completely protected once they have access to the website, the system has a web browser toolbar and this toolbar is meant to protect your system against any online threats. It works as HTTP filtering. It will warn you whether to link to a webpage and the threats you might encounter when you link to such a webpage.

Easy to use and to configure

Another great thing that you are going to like about this system is that it is easy to use. It has a simple interface and it is simple to operate. It has a small console, as well as a big buttons. The buttons are made big so that it will make it easy and simple to use. This system will run on a fast and quick scan. It will discover every aspect of your computer that is threatened by viruses.

The upper part of the interface has four main sections and the sections include Privacy, Device, Data, as well as Family. When you tap on any of the sections, it brings out various kinds of settings, options, and features.

The Device section offers you instant access to the system antivirus section, as well as the PC Health Checkup. This is designed to optimize the computer.

The settings are easy and simple to understand. When you are finding it hard to set it, it will provide you a small info button that can help you to set it. It makes everything you need possible for you. To set it, all you need to do is to place your mouse close to the button and you get the information you want from it.

When you use the device, you will see that simplicity is another name for it. It was such easy to use, and even a beginner would like to use it. Even if you are a casual user, you will understand that it was designed for its use. There is nothing like difficult advanced settings.

Help and support

If you want help, you are not going to find it hard to secure it. Support is always available for you anytime that you want it. To get help and support, you only need to tap the question mark. You are not going to get offline help; online help is always available for you. You are going to discover the help button, the button will link you to the Trend Micro Maximum Security 10 website, and that is where you are going to get the needed support. It will link you to its product’s recommendation. Other help channels are available for you and they include contacting them through email address as well as live chat where you can talk with their support engineer who is always available to assist you. Phone support is also available for its users.

It can offer you notification about such threats like malware infections. You are going to get other sensitive information from app about security threats. After going through the security system, you will notice that it offers the most friendly user interface feature.


Before you can successfully install and run Trend Micro maximum Security 10, your system must meet the following requirements, they include:

The device supports Windows operating system and it includes different versions of the operating system.

Furthermore, it would require 120MB of RAM memory, this is the normal memory, but when there is a malware attack, it could require up to 200 MB for it to operate successfully.


There are many benefits that you can benefit from the system and they are as follows:

  1. PC health checkup
  2. It has a privacy scanner
  3. It offers social network protection
  4. It offers data theft protection
  5. Secures erase
  6. It is easy to use because of the friendly interface
  7. It has a vault and password manager
  8. Cloud storage scanner


  1. It does not have its own firewall


Trend Micro Maximum Security 10 is one of the best antivirus engines that you can ever use. It is light on your operating system and offers all the security protection that you need. It is easy to install and simple to use.

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