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Last updated on June 23, 2021 2:53 pm

Norton Security Deluxe Review

Internet security is quickly becoming more important with each passing day. Whether you use your computer almost all the time or you only go online every once in a while, it is of paramount importance that you have solid, comprehensive Internet security protection in the form of software that is virtually impermeable. Without it, you are putting yourself at risk to have your computer infected as well as having all of your private information stolen.

Imagine how complicated life could get if someone had all of your bank account information and emptied out your account. Worse yet, as soon as they have your private information they are able to take out loans, open credit cards and even apply for mortgages or car loans, all under your name. You then find yourself in a situation where you spend months or even years trying to correct all of the damage and restore your good credit for something that you had no hand in doing in the first place. The idea that all of this can be prevented by having the right security software in place should be enough to get anyone’s attention, even if you only go online once a week.

The question is, where do you begin and how do you know which software you should purchase? You might be interested in finding out more about Norton Security Deluxe. You can find a lot of information about the software by reading this review.



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Norton security software has been around for decades. In fact, this was one of the first companies that ever started producing comprehensive security software for computers. As such, they have a wealth of experience and they have their good name that they stand behind. This helps you know that any product they turn out is going to be high quality. The question is, does this particular product meet your individual needs? If you are looking for a product that is solid and that provides excellent security, this is a good place to start. However, it is equally important that you learn more about all of the advantages and disadvantages that might exist when using this product in order to decide what is right for you. Without a doubt, you also have to consider the price, as every dollar counts more and more these days.


If you need security software that helps you when it comes to things like managing passwords or preventing malware from getting into your system, this is definitely worth looking into further. Add to that the fact that Norton software is exceptional when it comes to preventing people from getting into your system in the first place, and you have a system that can perform extremely well, even under circumstances where many security software packages might fail.


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In addition, you can cover up to five different devices by purchasing one of these software packages. If you don’t want to purchase the software more than once and you have several devices that need to be protected, this is definitely a nod in favor of the Norton Security Deluxe software. The fact is, most of the security software available on the market only allows you to cover two or three devices at most. The fact that you can cover five devices with this software can save you a lot of money because you are not being forced to purchase the software twice just to protect all of your devices like you might be if you went with a different product.


One of the biggest things this software has against it is the fact that it dramatically slows down your system when a scan is running. When it is not running a security scan, you wouldn’t even know that you have it installed on your system. The problem is, it has a propensity to inadvertently begin scanning when you are right in the middle of something and it slows things down so much that you will probably feel more like taking a break and letting it finish than trying to muddle through. This can be extremely irritating if you are under a deadline or you are trying to get something done quickly for a complex project.


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Furthermore, it has relatively few features for the price, most notably the lack of parental controls. If you don’t have children, this won’t be a problem but if you are looking for a product that offers parental controls, you will have to look elsewhere because this product does not offer them in any way, shape or form.


For the most part, you can find the software for sale for approximately $40. That is definitely not much of an investment for something that can protect all of your private information and prevent other people from opening a bunch of accounts under your name. When you consider the idea that it is capable of protecting your banking information and all of your passwords, it quickly becomes obvious how valuable this software really is. If that isn’t enough to convince you, consider how much it might cost you if someone infects your computer and takes over control of it, refusing to release it until you pay a hefty price. That $40 software is a lot cheaper than whatever you were going to end up paying to get your computer back if this happens to you.


When you are deciding on the right product for security software, you have to consider your own personal circumstances along with all of the features that the product itself offers. When you find something that matches almost every category, you know that you have found the product that is right for you. This is a product that easily fits the bill for most individuals that don’t have children or that don’t really have a need for parental controls. That is really the biggest factor that might deter someone for purchasing the product in the first place. However, if that is not your main concern, you can rest assured that you should have no problems as long as this security software is in place. Furthermore, you can have that same sense of security on all of your other electronic devices as well.

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