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Nitro PDF Pro 10 Review

What To Expect From Nitro PDF Pro 10

Nitro PDF Pro 10 is recommended for users who prefer versatile program. It contains a lot of advanced features.

Nitro PDF Pro 100 (or Nitro Pro 10) includes a huge range of tools from simple PDF viewing to comprehensive and thorough editing. This program allows you to convert any files to PDF, create PDF’s from more than 300 file formats (with source application installed). You can likewise edit text, fill out forms and protect PDF’s with a strong password.

With Nitro Pro 10, you can do practically anything.

Easy To Use, Easy To Manage

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Photo from BetaNews

You can download the program from the official Nitro website. It is available for both 32 and 64-bit versions (they are 76 and 96 respectively).

Nitro Cloud offers different subscription plans. The premium plan costs $ 14.99 annually. The Nitro Pro 10 costs $ 159.99 USD.

In case of technical problems that you can’t handle, the support agents of Nitro Company can help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week within 365 days. Their locations of their offices include Australia, Manila, Spain and San Francisco, USA. Nitro Pro 10 is multilingual and currently supports about ten languages which include English, German, Italian and Spanish.

The interface of the program has not changed much as compared with the previous version Nitro Pro 9. The new Nitro Pro 10 is still of high quality and easy to use. All the icons are provided with tooltips for user’s convenience. It is very easy to navigate all features and tools of Nitro Pro 10 because these are conveniently divided and grouped into tabs. For instance, you could easily open Edit Tab and find appropriate tools to make some changes in your PDF files.

You can locate the Quick Access Toolbar at the top of the program. This toolbar offers the most frequently used commands such as Open, Save and Print. What is interesting is that the Nitro Pro 10 allows you to customize the toolbar. This means that you have the possibility to remove all unnecessary commands. You can likewise add those commands which you use more frequently than others.

A little below there is a File Menu drop-down button for accessing common and frequent commands. These commands are used for creating or opening PDF documents and for attaching or optimizing files.

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Nitro’s New Edge

Work on over 300 file types

By using Nitro PDF Pro 10, you can create high-quality PDFs from any text and graphic file that support printing. Nitro PDF Pro 10 can handle over 300 different file types. With the help of a special virtual printer which is installed together with the program, you can create PDFs from any application. Among the files types which the program supports are Microsoft Office, Corel word Perfect, HTML, BMP and JPEG. Moreover, you have the possibility to apply some output settings before creating PDFs. For instance, you can change the size (A4, A3, etc.), orientation (portrait or landscape), compression (ZIP, JPEG, etc.) of the document.

PDF Portfolio

Nitro PDF Pro 10 boasts of a new feature called PDF Portfolio which allows you to gather together several different file types. You can gather together your text documents, email messages and multimedia. Each file included in this portfolio can be opened, edited and formatted independently. This feature is very useful for those who want to share various documents as one PDF file. Nitro PDF Pro 10 allows you to share your PDF documents with others using secure Nitro cloud service. Additionally, you can upload your signatures and PDF files from the computer or via such online services as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. Nitro PDF Pro 10 can help protect your created PDF documents and restrict their unauthorized distributing, copying, printing and editing. The program offers several ways to secure all your documents reliably such as Password Protect, Certificate Security and Digital Signature.

Convert PDFs to Word, Excel or PowerPoint


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Nitro PDF Pro 10 allows you to convert PDFs to highly editable Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint. Nitro PDF Pro 10 supports all Microsoft Office suites from 2003 through 2013. The program also integrates itself with Microsoft Outlook, so, with the help of a special plugin you can convert your emails into PDF. With Nitro PDF Pro 10, you can now convert documents to those formats which are commonly used for long-term storage and archiving electronic documents. The Nitro PDF Pro 10 also boosts its effectiveness by using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. With this technology, you can scan text images and transform them into editable and searchable text and convert to Microsoft Word or Excel.

Insert Extra PDF Pages

The program also helps you to insert extra pages from your computer, scanner or clipboard and whole PDF documents. You can crop or resize the page precisely by adjusting the desired size, page range, width and height. The program allows rotation of the page which can make an image, for instance, 90% clockwise on the left or right. By using the program, you can also extract some unnecessary pages or replace specific pages with the pages from another PDF file. Additionally, you can split the pages by groups, bookmarks or range page. The Nitro PDF Pro 10 allows you to generate bookmarks automatically by using bookmark levels and specifying some additional options. You can scan PDF document for URLs and create webpage links.

In version 9, Nitro PDF Pro already managed to provide users with the ability to drop a signature into a PDF file. However, in Nitro PDF Pro 10, the developers provide more thoroughly integration and use of Nitro Cloud service to send a PDF to someone to request a signature.

Add Header or Footer

You can also add header or footer to one or all PDF pages that can contain the time of creation, subject, author or page numbers. The Nitro PDF Pro 10 also allows you to add company information, page numbers or website footer on the one hand or specific text, image and PDF file on the other hand. Nitro PDF Pro 10 also allows you to protect your PDFs by adding to them text, image or text watermarks. Nitro PDF Pro 10 also supports conversion PDFs to PNG, JPEG or TIFF images. Nitro PDF Pro 10 also helps in managing Bates Number, which is mainly used in the legal and business practice. This makes it easier to identify each page by specifying and assigning specific increasing numbers for easy management of huge document collections.

Use PDF Sticky Notes

Nitro PDF Pro 10 also allows you to add so-called sticky notes to any pages. You can also annotate the text by using special markup tools that allows you to highlight, cross-out, underline or replace text and type a comment. The program also has special predefined stamps like Completed, Urgent or Received in order to indicate the status of the document. Moreover, Nitro PDF Pro 10 gives you the opportunity to create your own stamps and specify the desired parameters and settings. Nitro PDF Pro 10 also allows you attach any file to the PDF document, for example, a text file or photo and provide a reader with additional info.

Compare Identical Documents
The Nitro PDF Pro 10 also has Compare. It allows you to compare two identical documents and view changes between them. There is also Whiteout, which permanently removes any personal or other info from the PDF document. Nitro PDF Pro 10 also uses Auto Deskew. This tool optimizes scanned documents by deskewing or straightening the pages in scanned PDFs.

Critics now have more difficult time to find fault in the Nitro PDF Pro 10. The features of the program can assure customers of money well-spent.

What the experts say:

File Critic

“Nitro PDF Pro 10 is a powerful application for working with PDF documents. Thanks to a lot of advanced functions you can easily create, convert, edit and protect PDF files; more than that, the program gives you full control over PDF documents and helps you to create high-quality digital documents like a professional.”

Beta News

“Nitro Pro offers more intuitive PDF creation tools, allowing you to create PDFs from documents like Word that can subsequently be re-edited in Nitro using its own powerful text-editing tools.”

Document Snap

“If you are someone who works a lot with PDFs on Windows, Nitro Pro 10 remains my go-to tool.”

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