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McAfee Total Protection 2016 Product Review

The real advantage of having a good anti-virus can only be tested when direct costs of not having one is experienced. The internet, as liberating as it can be, is not a secure place, consequently. Even the most tech-savvy people is not safe from accidentally downloading forms of virus occasionally. To have a reliable anti-virus program means to feel safer from the possible drawbacks to the ever-advancing technology we have today. Today’s digital world requires the ultimate online defense.

Be it protection from viruses, spam or even protection from spyware and identity theft, it is important to install the best anti-virus software, depending on your needs, through careful consideration of the pros and cons of the product.

McAfee Total Protection 2016 features new innovations and development that serves as your ultimate defense against hackers, thieves, malicious software and more. Being a multi-awarded and recognized anti-virus company, McAfee sees it it that they continuously innovate and improve their services through extensive research and state of the art mechanisms to give their clients the protection they deserve.

With the company’s belief that providing strong layers of defense is the best strategy for keeping the bad guys out of your digital life, The McAfee Total Protection 2016 promises a powerful antivirus engine that protects your computer and gadgets from the most dangerous online threats. While their advanced security tools destroy sensitive files and cleans up unneeded junk and clutter and automatically fix your system’s weak spots. The software’s encrypting abilities locks in valuable files and folders a password-protected vault that guards your data and identity at the same time. Their social media protection also allows users to engage in conversations and connect with their friends online without the threats of sending and receiving malicious content, while the wireless connection protection guarantees the protection of your files, identity and information, despite the prying eyes all over the internet and shared networks.


A little bit pricier at £80 compared to its contemporaries and previous versions. But, through its feature of cross-platform licensing, it is like buying five software for the price of one.


McAfee Total Protection 2016

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The main tab of the Total Protection 2016 shows four panels, categorizing virus and spyware, web and email, updates and subscription. Three smaller drop downs can be selected, namely PC and Home, Network Tools and Parental Controls. Generally, its interface is easy to navigate and user friendly. Most take the form checkboxes or slide switches.


  • Intel True Key

A significant new feature, the Intel True Key password manager does not auto-fill in the web forms with personal data but performs all expected password management tasks. As established, McAfee relies on strengthening its protection capabilities by layering its defense, the Intel True Key uses an elaborate set of authentication methods that is designed to decrease solely relying on a master or general password. Among these methods are simple verification through connecting a second device which the software supports and facial recognition, for devices which can support it.

  • File Lock



Photos from PC Mag

This feature is not included in the McAfee Internet Security. File Lock is the strong encryption feature of the software, allowing users to create unlimited password-locked virtual vaults wherein they can store and keep their sensitive files.

The idea of the vaults is just like any other drive in your computer—copy files in and out, also comparable to a folder. But, once it was locked, it will be completely inaccessible.

Upon creating the first vault, the software will authenticate the user through three security questions, which can later on be of help in case you forget your passwords for the vaults.

  • Cross-platform licensing

Probably the key take away of the McAfee Total Protection 2016 is its feature of protecting more than one gadget or device simultaneously and comprehensively, which allows multi-device protection. Be it a PC, Mac, iOS or Android operated device, users will just need one license subscription for every gadget they own and would like to protect.

The My Network function of the software allows the user to examine and report unusual activity on all devices connected to their local network. Although the anti-virus is only under one license, each device can still set their own separate passwords.


Third party reviewers have scored the anti-virus capacities of McAfee Total Protection 2016 high, basing on lab tests. Noting that this version is accurate in antiphishing and antispam. Experts also recognizes the strength and importance of the McAfee Total Protection’s Encrypted File Vault that delivers its promise of protecting your data, information and identity.


It is worth noting that this version of McAfee Total Protection has minimal parental control, and also has limited support when it comes to Mac OS and iOS operated gadgets. Also, firewall was not fully protected when tested.

Given an overall rating of 4 out of 5 stars, it is still worth noting and recognizing that McAfee Total Protection 2016 is included in this year’s list of top anti-virus software available in the market today.

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