Dr. Web Security Space 11, 2016 Review

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Dr.Web Security Space 11 2016 Review

In today’s world it is not an option to ignore internet security and Dr.Web Security Space 11 certainly meets all the requirements to keep you at ease. The program’s menu has been given a redesign, parental controls have been added, and also a new beta version with new interface.


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This security program is user friendly with flexible settings and can easily be customized to meet all your security needs. Dr.Web 11 scans constantly for viruses with daily updates that offer the best defense against malicious, and dangerous code.

The customer can choose the type of support that is comfortable for them in the form of a human being or online help. In fact, the support team offers 24/7 availability.


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Preventive Protection

The Preventive Protection component explains to customers the correct settings so that they can use the preventive protection tabs for their own pc security requirements. Unique to Dr.Web Anti-virus software is Doctor Webb. He has developed all of these technologies and now brings his insight from defense to offense in preventive protection. This component seems to makes sense as the first step in preventing malicious software from causing havoc in your life. Dr.Web uses Heuristics technology, which means not just finding the typical viruses, but defining new virus detection for malware that is unique. Many malware programs operate off similar algorithms resulting in repeated vulnerabilities and causing the same malicious activity. Dr.Web doesn’t depend on the same patterns to occur, instead this software is designed for patterns that change. This is a component that can bring you and your family peace of mind.

Parental Control

Every parent fears for their child or teen not following family internet rules and making a dangerous mistake online. Today, being in charge of your child’s internet activity is as important as holding their hand when you cross a street. Dr.Web Parental Control allows you to be in charge of your children’s web activity. It restricts access to certain websites, local disks, and folders. The parental control can only be changed by the system administrator after entering a password. This means that as the parent you are in charge of the amount of time your children spend on the computer and are able to block websites categorized into ten different areas. The parent controls are adaptable so that you can set profiles individually for each user. For a parent, being able to have this much control over your child’s internet activities helps your children to be safe and you to sleep at night.

HTTP SpIDer Gate


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The HTTP SpIDer Gate scans incoming and outgoing traffic in real time. This is a big job because it filters out data, blocks infected web pages, scans files in archives, protects users from phishing sites, and other dangerous malware. Dr.Web’s anti-virus engine excels in speed so that there is not a slow down when downloading files. With these recent updates there is faster scanning and less conflicts between Dr.Web and third party applications. Also downloading online video and audio is faster and allowed to stream without interruption. Gamers should be pleased that online scanning time will be noticeably quicker. Overall scanning times have increased with the added updates so that Dr.Web’s anti-virus engine seems to excel in speed so that there is not a slow down when downloading files.

Protection from Encryption Ransomware  

One of the biggest threats to our computer world today is encryption ransomware which first appeared in 2006. The increase of threats since 2006 has been 1,900%. This threat is equal for big corporations or small Mom and Pop businesses. Even if you pay the ransom, you may not be able to recover all of your files, photos, and irreplaceable documents. The best way to stop this nightmare is to have preventive software ready to fight these viruses and not allowing them not to penetrate and launch themselves into your computer. Again, Dr.Web is ahead of the game with proactive protection technology. Dr.Web warns that computers with no anti-virusware has a larger chance of becoming infected. Dr.Web has a data loss prevention feature that backs up and protects against intruders. Dr.Web offers decryption free of charge to commercial license users.


  1. Supported Operating System (OS): Windows 10,8,7, Vista/XP, SP 2/2000, SP 4 + Rollup 1 (32 & 64 bit systems)
  2. Windows Mobile:Android, Symbian, OS, and Windows Mobile
  3. Mac OS X 10.7
  4. Minimum RAM Required: 512 MB
  5. Minimum Space Required: 380 MB
  6. Internet connection is required for updates to Dr. Web virus databases and components.


– Variety of options and customizations that customers can choose from.

– Reliable tech support 24/7.

– Emphasis on preventing viruses.

– Thinking forward of how to combat Ransomware.

– Parental Controls that parents can customize for each user.


– There is some rumbling about download times, but this seems to have improved with updates.

– There is still concern about Dr.Web slowing down scanning times, even though this was addressed in the

version 11 update.

– Software needs to be reviewed by bigger markets.


The upgrade to Dr.Web Security Space 11 has added new features for today’s internet world. Looking ahead to prevention is a wise move for the consumer that has reason to fear losing personal information. Also the upgrade to parental controls fits the parenting role for today. These controls are the sensible solution to allowing your child to visit the internet with supervision and forethought. Today’s parent wants to be in control of their child’s web activities and being able to adapt and customize for each user makes it a perfect tool. Nobody wants to waste time on downloading or scanning information onto their computers and Dr.Web addressed this issue so that your internet is still fast, but safe.

Overall, Dr.Web Security Space 11 is a good choice. It is innovative and working to stay on top of internet security. It is a good choice if you have children or want security for today’s world so that you are not afraid to utilize your computer with peace of mind.

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