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Markzware Q2ID (Quark to InDesign) in Review: Worth the Switch?

If you regularly use QuarkXPress, InDesign or other formatting tools for your media, you’ll inevitably learn that there are some things that these programs just can’t do. Additionally, these programs are always being beefed up and upgraded, and these pointed upgrades all suggest that Marzware Q2ID is one of the best opportunities to complete projects and get work done- but expect to have to spend a little bit of time learning and solving some simple conversion errors. One such example of this are differences in text clarity, color schemes and even text sizes- sometimes just getting started is a little difficult when you see that layouts have changed and documents have grown.

Easy Enough to Start 

Markzware Q2ID (Quark to Indesign) 2

Markzware Q2ID (Quark to Indesign)

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Adobe Premiere Elements 2020 Deal

Adobe Premiere Elements 14 Review

We tinkered with Adobe’s 14th version of Premiere Elements and here’s what we’ve learned: The latest version is a modest update what with the unveiling of two new guided edits as the headline. But if you mostly work with 4k videos, Premiere Elements 14 is worth a shot.


New Guided Edits

As with PSE 14, Adobe has unveiled new guided edits in the latest version of PE. Now the bottom choice during a Guided mode is Time Remapping, which hand holds you through the process of creating a fast or slow motion effect. Time remapping is a pretty nifty tool in all accounts except for one: Once the footage is sped-up, you’ll end up with sound gaps. On the bright side, some of its cool features include the reverse mode and frame blending selection.

Another feature that’s new to the Guided Edits is the Color Pop. This lets you tweak the color of each footage to maintain consistency in your video clips by using preset filters found in the Effects menu. Using the tool, you can choose to adjust a specific color in the footage so that it would pop.

4k Video Support


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Corel VideoStudio Pro 2019 Deal

Corel VideoStudio Pro X9 Review

Corel VideoStudio Pro has always made the list of the top video editing applications of several tech websites. Thanks to its range of video effects and editing tools and its simple yet intuitive interface that appeals to novice editors and practiced users alike.

Just recently, Corel unveiled the latest edition of the highly creative and simple-to-use video editor. And with the update comes plenty of cool new features and nifty improvements.


Motion Tracking

We’ve seen the motion tracking effect does its magic the first time when Pro X7 was unveiled. In the latest update, Corel gave the feature a more meaningful improvement.

Previously, users needed to track an action by manually marking points as the footage play along. There is also the option of automatic motion tracking, which simplifies the task by enabling you to select a point and then having the program finish the motion path for you.

However, since the application cannot actually see the footage, it may tend to lose sight of the asset you want to track as the footage advances, so you would still need to make some minor adjustments.

The latest edition of VideoStudio Pro has introduced a new way of automatically tracking objects in video clips, called multipoint tracking. This added feature lets you select up to four separate points or areas so the software can create a more accurate motion path.

Audio Control Enhancement


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Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020 Deal

Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 Review

Adobe Photoshop Elements (PSE) is a low-cost consumer version of its sibling, Photoshop CC. With the release of the photo editing and organization app’s new version, consumers are treated to a mature and user-friendly software.

The application introduces features, such as dehaze and shake reduction, as well as enhancements to guided edits and facial recognition. PSE 14 comes with an editor and an organizer. It also includes Adobe Camera Raw, which users can use to process raw images.

Although PSE 14 does not offer Photoshop CC’s full set of features, the latest version has great depth and a handful of welcome improvements.


The Organizer

It is in the Elements organizer that you import, export, and organize images. It comes with sorting modes to help you divide the photos into categories based on Places, People, and Events. The latest version includes a better facial recognition feature. Elements can now recognize faces and automatically add photos to a person’s stack as soon as you import images into the application.

What’s more, the organizing options allow you to add tags, captions, and star ratings, as well as let you apply basic corrections, like smart fix, rotation, cropping, sharpening, contrast, and red-eye reduction. These auto fix tools are a big help, especially if you don’t want the hassle of launching another program for minor edits and adjustments. Meanwhile, the Events Tab allows you to sort the images based on a timeframe with the help of the Smart Events switch.

The Places tab, on the contrary, lets you organize your photos using improved GPS-tagging with built in maps. If your photos have an embedded GPS data, the application automatically places them on a map so you can see where your photos were taken. Hovering over the thumbnails will enable you to browse through all the images taken in that location. It’s a pretty neat feature overall.

Quick Edits


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Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2019 Deal

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X9 Review

The Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X9 is the latest edition of Corel’s feature packed video editing application. It does everything it is intended to do and does it quite well. With lots of new and enhanced features, the software can definitely easily hold its own against competing video editing programs in the market.

Ultimate X9 is essentially an advanced version of the Pro X9. It has all the cool features of the latter–motion tracking, Multicam editing, improved audio control–plus, some more.


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