TurboTax Tax Software Deluxe + State 2019 Discount

TurboTax Deluxe 2015 Review

The tax season is upon us. And while nobody really enjoys doing taxes, there are products in the market that can make the process more bearable–one of which is Intuit’s TurboTax Deluxe.

TurboTax is a popular DIY tax preparation and filing application in the US. But that is not to say that the software program is perfect. Below, we lay out the features we love about TurboTax and give you the blow-by-blow of the software’s upsides and downsides.


TurboTax offers several plans–Federal Free Edition, Plus, Premiere, Home & Business, and Deluxe. Each has special features not included in another. But, regardless of which you choose, TurboTax guarantees accuracy of tax calculations and promises to pay the price for any misfile and errors it has caused.

Moreover, all plans follow an interview-style process to evaluate your tax situation and identify which schedules and forms are the most fitting for you to complete your return.

TurboTax Deluxe comes with functions and features found in lower-priced plans, such as the following:

Mobile App


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TurboTax provides a slick and feature-rich mobile app that gives you the ability to prepare and e-file taxes using Android or iOS devices. Similar to the online version, it guides you through a series of questions and coaches you through the entire preparation and filing process, whether you’re handling simple or complex taxation scenarios. You can even get started quickly by simply taking a photo of your W-2 and directly importing your data into the app.

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H&R Block Tax Software Deluxe + State 2019 Discount

H&R Block 2015 Deluxe Review

Have you started filing your taxes yet?

Let’s face it: Tax season is not really a time that most of us look forward to. But if you want to get over it fast, using a DIY tax preparation software program, such as H&R Block Deluxe can make a huge difference.

One of the most recognized online tax prep tools, H&R Block is ideal for a wide array of tax scenarios and aimed at people who itemize but do not own complex businesses or investments. While its navigation and interface aren’t too user-friendly, the program may just be the best weapon of choice for budget-minded tax filers who already have basic familiarity with tax filing  in general.


H&R Block Deluxe comes with a handful of noteworthy functions and features for all customers, plus added support for filers with retirement and investment income.

Free Live Chat Support

Apart from in-person assistance, chat and email support for tax-related concerns is available to paid customers. With this feature you can schedule an appointment online a ask guidance from tax professionals as often as you need to ensure that you complete your filing successfully.

Real-Time Updates of Tax Refund


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Markzware IDMarkz – Discount

Special Offer: 15% Discount – Markzware IDMarkz (replace ID2Q product)

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15% Off – Markzware IDMarkz (1 Year Subscription) Mac 15% Off – Markzware IDMarkz (Perpetual) Mac

Markzware ID2Q (InDesign to QuarkXPress) Product Review

Markzware is a prominent developer and inventor in content conversion. Now they have introduced the Markzware ID2Q software, a professionally developed conversion tool for easy and quickly converting files from Adobe InDesign to QuarkXPress.

markzware id2q

Photo from Markzware

ID2Q helps the user convert InDesign CS through InDesign CC into either QuarkXPress 9, 10, 8.5 or 2015 on Mac and 8.5, 9. As well as 2015 on windows while at the same time recreating intricate details of InDesign to the QuarkXPress instantly.

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Sage 50 Premium Accounting 2020 – Amazon Deal


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Sage 50 Premium Accounting 2016 Review

Sage 50 Premium Accounting 2016 accounting package is dedicated to assisting small and medium size enterprise owners to make decisions based on information the accounting software delivers.

Since the company was first founded as a local start-up in Northeast England’s Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 1981, Sage has grown into a global entity with over 6 million customers around the world.

True to its high performance culture that aims to make their software products the go-to source of advice for businesses, it has recently released its Sage 50 Premium Accounting 2016 software package to address all the basic accounting needs necessary to run a small to medium sized business.

Sage 50 Premium Accounting 2016 Review

This Sage 50 Premium Accounting 2016 Review enumerates the many features of Sage’s latest accounting software iteration, including its comprehensive modules that make it a one-stop-shop for all accounting, bookkeeping, and financials for any small to medium-sized business.

Sage 50 Premium Accounting 2016 Review – Is It Worth the Switch?

There is a wide array of accounting software packages available in the market today to meet all kinds of business needs. Depending on specific requirements of each business owner, each software application possesses advantages and disadvantages, depending on the accounting needs met.

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Maclaren Strollers – Amazon Deals

Maclaren Strollers Review

Maclaren Strollers were first introduced in the 1960s by Owen Maclaren, a retired British aeronautical engineer. The first prototype featured a lightweight and foldable tubular aluminum frame weighing only six pounds. Its foldable design gave birth to its moniker, the “umbrella stroller.”

Today, the Maclaren design remains popular, and is considered the leader in compact and lightweight strollers that are easy to maneuver. The brand offers single and double stroller models compatible with car seats, can easily fit through standard-sized doorways, and are equipped with handles or carrying straps to transform each stroller into an ultimate travel system for babies and children.

Maclaren Mark II Product Description


Based on the original 1960s design, but endowed with an updated look and built with more advanced materials, the Mark II weights 7 ½ pounds and features an SPF 50 extended sun canopy and flip-out visor.

It also offers ventilated mesh windows for better airflow, a five-point safety harness, adjustable handles, and a micro-basket underneath to hold babies’ necessities. Because of its non-reclining seat, it is only recommended for children 6 months and older.

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Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Home 15 Deal

Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Home 13 Review

Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Home 13 Product Description


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Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Home 13 is a PC-based voice dictation software product that allows users to accomplish everyday tasks and personal projects on their computer using just their voice.

Ideal for multi-taskers, the software is designed to be intuitive enough to learn most often used words and phrases, as well as spell more difficult words and names correctly. With its multiple microphone options, users can operate the software headset free and hands-free.

Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Home 13 can be used immediately within minutes of unboxing, and comes with helpful tutorials for ease-of-use.

Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Home 13 Review

This Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Home 13 Review contains the features, pros, and cons of using the voice dictation software.

Its hands-free and headset free features allows users to cover more tasks during their day, allowing for multi-tasking while working on their PC or laptop using voice commands to complete their to-do list.

Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Home 13 Review – Is It Worth the Switch?

Students, retirees, housewives, and work-from-home individuals will find Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Home 13 a useful addition to their software arsenal, particularly if they have busy days filled with homework, personal projects, and home-based business tasks.

While startlingly half the price of its Premium version, starting at $74.99 up to $99.99, it is still a challenge to learn, and requires time and perseverance to master the software.

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Movavi Video Suite Review

What is Movavi Video Suite?

This is an all-in-one video making software designed with different tools which enable professional video editors and novice users to create professional looking movies, slide shows and home videos within no time.

The software is designed with tools that help the professional video editor or novice user to incorporate music, create text captions, apply visual effects and even enable smooth transitions for slide shows. With this video suite, the user can pretty much accomplish different things with videos.

The software has different apps which are very useful to every video maker and they include:

-Powerful video converter that supports over 180 media formats

-Convenient utility for burning DVDs

-Convenient app for screen capturing

-A digitizing analog video tool and many more.


Users can download a free trial version of the software from the developer’s website. In order to install and run the application you need to have a PC with the following specifications:

-Intel or AMD processor with atleast 1.5GHz

-At least 1GB RAM for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. For Vista and XP, atleast 512MB RAM

-Atleast 250MB harddisk space

-QuickTime Player for Windows

If you will be editing HD quality videos, you will require more than the minimum specifications listed above.


Slideshow creator

The application has the ability of creating slideshows from photos and images stored on your computer. This feature is useful as you can create different slideshows commemorating different events such as vacations, honeymoon, your first child, your second child, your wedding and your first day moving in together.

Movie maker


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Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 13 Review

Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 13 Product Description

Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 13 is a premiere voice dictation software that allows users to multi-task by using their voice to create documents, send email, surf the web, and capture notes for transcription, leaving their hands free to accomplish other tasks.

dragon 1

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