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Reviews of Auslogics BoostSpeed 8

Beta News

The software has a free build with the core maintenance tools. These include disk defrag, Registry cleaner/ defrag, file recovery, browser manager, and more. If you upgrade for $59.95 (1 year, 3 PCs), you will get a Startup Manager, internet optimizer, disk doctor, locked files manager, tweak tool, file shredder and more.

Top New Review

Auslogics 8 covers all the essential areas to maintain the efficient run of your computer. It is established that no software can act as a substitute for more RAM, or a faster hard drive and CPU. However, if your machine starts to show the typical symptoms of getting clogged up, for instance, your machine has a slow start-up and closedown, or the drive light continually flashing, you will probably benefit from the performance of this new version.

Interface Overview

Perks of the New Version

The latest software has been proven effective in multiple independent tests. Therefore, it can provide convenient serviceability that you might be interested to invest in.

The version 8 of Auslogics Boostspeed has a smart and real-time monitoring and enhancement for the PC system. It includes Memory, Processor, Defrag, Disk Priority, and Desktop Protection performance optimization tool. It also offers 18 tools for manual use to optimize and maintain system operation and security.

The new program has over 100 improvements, which are found in its every module and component. This is the biggest upgrade to date. Auslogics BoostSpeed 8 also provides seven skins to customize program interface.

It provides one-click solution to fix, clean, and speed up your PC system. It can diagnose and improve Desktop and Laptop/ netbook. The new program has less limited free trial so you can use every one of the 18 tools several times for free.

Task and Tweak Manager

The version 8 of Auslogics BoostSpeed has its own version of task manager. Additionally, there are lists of tweaks to choose from if you want an improved desktop performance. You can even optimize locked system files using this latest software.

Startup Manager

If you notice slow opening at startup, Auslogics Startup Manager might help you. One of the things will make your PC a bit slower at startup are loaded with list of applications to be run at startup.

Unlike the MSCONFIG at CMD command, the new BoostSpeed offers improved version. It provides multiple options, such as Startup programs, Shell Extensions, Internet Explorer Extensions and Task Scheduler.

Disk Defrag

The updated software has improved version of disk defrag compared to Windows Operating System. The Graphical User Interface is quite simple yet straightforward.

Whenever you have installed or used programs, it will have more fragments. Fragment, also known as File System Aging, is said to affect users with low-end system specs. The version 8 of Auslogics BoostSpeed provides a simpler way to reduce fragments.

The program likewise offers features options on fragmentation, scheduler and S.M.A.R.T details. It allows an offline defragmentation. This is a powerful boot-time defrag to bring fragmentation to zero % and more.

System Advisor

The System Advisor tool guides you on how you can improve your PC. The suggestions include hardware upgrade suggestions. This feature detects way to boost performance, stability, and security. The scanner will find issues and resolve them.

It scans PC to determine the suitable tweaks for your system. Not only that, this tool monitors your PC and suggest up to 56 tweaks for best performance. You simply need to add these tweaks for your PC to improved speed and performance.

Defragment or Recover Files

The software provides specific tools for advanced user:

  • Over 20 tools to choose from
  • Defrag files for maximum hard drive efficiency
  • Stop unnecessary services to free up memory
  • Explore the disk drives for biggest space hogs
  • Free up disk space from all types of junk files
  • Disable useless startup items for faster boot
  • Tweak system settings for improved experience
  • Recover files that got deleted in error or by a virus
  • Use Registry Defrag for the defragmentation of registry files, and compress and optimization of registry entries
  • Use Registry Cleaner for the registry advanced settings

Future System Scan

It is possible to check the settings for future system scans. There are three main categories for future system scans, namely Disk Space, System Stability and Computer Speed.

The Disk Space scans idle application files, system files, temporary files and web cache that need to be freed up in the system.

The System Stability mostly examines the missing software and system errors. These include invalid firewall rules. The System Privacy tracks and cleans up tracking cookies and adult website traces.

Internet Optimizer

This is a simple and straightforward tool, which provides two options.

The first option is the Auto Optimization. This is recommended for most users. The second option is the Manual Optimization. This is recommended for advanced users.

Delete or Uninstall File

The Disk Explorer can help to solve problem of unavailable disk space in the PC system by locating where the largest files are. This tool has simple design but is undoubtedly effective.

The latest software of Auslogics has Duplicate File Finder. It is used in finding and deleting redundant files like movies and mp3s. It can free up some disk space for future operation. Its interface is straightforward and simple.

The user can set what files you want to locate. Tif, png, jpg, gif or bmp can be set for Images. Mp3, aac or flac can be set for Audio Files. Avi, mov, mp4, 3gp or wmv can be set Video Files. Files such as Applications and those in Archives can be monitored using this feature.

If you want to entirely delete files in one drive, the Free Space Wiper is available. The new program has its own recover option that creates a backup. This allows you to undo any changes made if you have any issues.

Disk Doctor

This feature of Auslogics BoostSpeed 8 monitors disk drives health. It will fix those issues once it finds errors in the disk drives.

File Recovery

This feature is for recovering files that were accidentally deleted. The interface of File Recovery Tool is as simple as that of the Duplicate File Finder.

File Shredder

Permanent deletion of some files is necessary for security reasons. The File Shredder Tool gives assurance that such files will never be recovered or restored.

System Information

This tool provides a complete list of data in your PC system unlike the limited feature of Windows.


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