VIPRE Internet Security Pro 2016 Review

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In the realm of internet security suites, VIPRE Internet Security 2016 is certainly a standout. It offers a one-of-a-kind features that greatly enhances security: automatic application patching.

While the program is simple to use, VIPRE’s user interface isn’t as stellar as some of its peers. However, it is an excellent software product that lives up to its promise: To scan and reboot your PC and keep malware and virus off it.

To add to that, VIPRE’s customer support is totally free and US-based, whereas almost every other internet security software in the market has complex, offshore tech support that calls for hefty charges for “advanced” support.



Firewall Protection

A good firewall protection is one of the pillars of an excellent security system, yet it remains one of the most under appreciated features.

With settings that allows you to crank up protection to its most aggressive state, VIPRE Internet Security Pro 2016’s firewall does a great job against threats from within your PC. It can block internal threats while allowing website traffic to pass through, maintaining a functional outbound Internet access to email, web pages, and other services.

For the firewall protection alone, VIPRE Internet Security Pro 2016 is definitely a league of its own.

Resource Usage

The new edition of VIPRE Internet Security Pro proves to be both lightweight and fast in terms of resource usage. The program goes incognito when running idle in the background and its full-system scan only affects about 11 percent resource usage without any significance system interference.

In addition, the program is able to complete full scans quicker that other Internet security software with similar resource demands. All in all, VIPRE’s Internet security suite did not cause significant system drags. So you can do petty tasks, such as web surfing, downloading files, and using multiple tabs and web browsers even when the software is running complete scans.



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VIPRE is quite known to have a less-than-stellar user interface compared to its competition. Don’t get us wrong: VIPRE’s interface is well labeled and has a good balance between robust control and usability. However, it is one department that competing programs are doing a better job at.

Although the software is easy to use and its under-the-hood performance is notable, its user interface could use some much-needed upgrade what with the new version’s interface remained unchanged.


Another lackluster feature of VIPRE is its anti-spam protection. It does a good job at sending malware found in outgoing and incoming emails to quarantine. Any phishing emails are also immediately sent to quarantine when detected, but the program’s actual spam filtering needs work.

VIPRE Internet Security Pro 2016 cannot handle huge bulks of messages, so if you try process a heap of emails at once, its spam filter may overload and your email app may crash. This is a problem VIPRE has yet to solve from the previous version. If you’re planning on filtering your inbox for spam messages, try to download emails in small batches to remedy the issue temporarily. Be warned, though: Doing so may take you days to manage downloading thousands of old messages. Plus, there’s a possibility of damaging your backed-up emails in the process.

Auto Patch


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Patch management allows you to automatically update vulnerable software programs on your PC, which can be exploited easily and makes sure that they are always up-to-date.

By default, VIPRE checks all your computer applications every other day to ensure that important updates are installed. However, you also have the option to launch a scan or set it manually so that the software checks with you prior to installing updates.

VIPRE Internet Security Pro 2016 can update dozens of applications from Apple, Mozilla, Adobe, and over 30 other software vendors. While it cannot update windows applications, the program reports your Windows Update status and sends you a link to the setting dialog so you can make the update yourself.

On top of these features, VIPRE can scan your social feeds for potentially threatening posts and links, delete sensitive files permanently, checks unknown threats that might infect your computer, and helps identify dangerous links that might yield malware.


Supported Operating System (OS): Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

Minimum RAM Required: 512 MB

Minimum Space Required: 300 MB

Required Processor Speed: 1 GHz


  • Uses a layered approach to security
  • Free US-based tech support
  • Introduces a number of great features, including auto patch, search guard, social watch, and anti-spam protection
  • Keeps several third-party applications up-to-date


  • Inconsistent independent lab results in terms of measuring for malware and virus detection and prevention
  • Spam filter fails to handle large email download


A note-worthy security software, VIPRE Internet Security Pro 2016 gets you very good phishing protection, antivirus protection and firewall. It also automatically updates your applications to decrease the risk of vulnerabilities outdated versions entail.

On the other hand, VIPRE remains the same as much as its interface and settings are concerned. Additionally, the spam filtering option still glitches and needs a major re-work. For the same price, you can get a much better deal with a full-featured antivirus suite that has all these components plus more.

To sum it up: VIPRE is a good choice, but you can do better.

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