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Jet Profiler for MySQL, Professional Version

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Jet Profiler for MySQL, Enterprise Version

Jet Profiler for MySQL was created by Polaricon AB, a Swedish IT company that builds tools for the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/other). Popularity of the LAMP stack is rising and as a result large companies are moving away from expensive software to more main-stream open source software which in turn has created a need for more professional tools to managed and scale the software to meet consumer needs. Polaricon primarily focuses on diagnostic and performance tools so they can focus more on efficiency, expertise, and ease of use to provide the best solutions for these specific problems.

Jet Profiler is a desktop application that runs on one’s computer that connects to a specified MySQL server when someone starts to record performance information. Once connected to the MySQL server performance metrics are collected, stored, and analyzed within the internal database of the application. The collected information is then presented in a GUI where it can be characterized by the different information that has been stored such as trends, peaks in the information, and top lists for specific time frames. The requested information is available almost instantaneously giving quick feedback.

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