H&R Block Tax Software Deluxe + State 2019 Discount

H&R Block 2015 Deluxe Review

Have you started filing your taxes yet?

Let’s face it: Tax season is not really a time that most of us look forward to. But if you want to get over it fast, using a DIY tax preparation software program, such as H&R Block Deluxe can make a huge difference.

One of the most recognized online tax prep tools, H&R Block is ideal for a wide array of tax scenarios and aimed at people who itemize but do not own complex businesses or investments. While its navigation and interface aren’t too user-friendly, the program may just be the best weapon of choice for budget-minded tax filers who already have basic familiarity with tax filing  in general.


H&R Block Deluxe comes with a handful of noteworthy functions and features for all customers, plus added support for filers with retirement and investment income.

Free Live Chat Support

Apart from in-person assistance, chat and email support for tax-related concerns is available to paid customers. With this feature you can schedule an appointment online a ask guidance from tax professionals as often as you need to ensure that you complete your filing successfully.

Real-Time Updates of Tax Refund


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