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QuickBooks Pro 2016 Review

Recently, Intuit unveiled a new version of Quickbooks Pro. An improved version of the popular accounting software, this release includes a handful of new features and a few enhancements to existing ones.


Bill Tracker                                                                    

QuickBooks Pro Discount Coupon Code

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This is a dashboard dedicated to viewing information for purchase orders, item receipts, and outstanding bills. The new feature is similar to the Income Tracker feature, which summarizes income-related transactions so you can view them in one screen and do bulk processing.

You can access Bill Tracker under the Vendors option in the left navigation menu. By using it, you can apply filters to your list of bills in order to pull together pertinent data into one location. It’s a pretty useful function, especially to those who deal with a huge number of bills.

Bulk Clear Send Forms

The previous version of QuickBook Pro had plenty of transactions with their Email Later box automatically ticked. This is quite annoying because we obviously do not want to send all those transactions all the time. These transactions, then, build up and accumulate in the Send Forms window. While there is a remove button, this option only deletes one form at a time, so you can imagine how time-consuming this task is.

The good news is, Intuit designed QuickBook Pro 2016 in a way that it supports the removal of multiple transactions flagged as Email Later at once. In the Send Forms window, the company added a Select All option which you can tick to remove the transactions in one go.

Report Date Filter

Instead of inputting specific dates, QuickBook Pro allows you to use date filters when creating reports. It has available selections, such as Last Fiscal Year to Date or This Fiscal Quarter, to make it easy for users to get the report that they need.

Another nifty upgrade that Intuit made on QuickBook Pro 2016 is the addition of the This Fiscal Year to Last Month filter that lets you see transactions at whole months–a very useful incremental enhancement.

Improved Verify / Rebuild Data Functionality

QuickBooks Pro Discount Coupon Code

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As any Quickbooks user would know, file verification, data rebuilding, backups, and list resorting are essential aspects of keeping a sound QuickBooks program. In the latest version of QuickBook Pro, Intuit introduced a major change in how the software’s verify data and rebuild data functions work.

Now, QuickBook Pro can produce a detailed report of what errors can be fixed, what has been repaired, and what cannot be fixed. They also offer assistance on how to deal with the problem.

The improved feature saves you from having to retrieve the QBWIN.LOG file to identify the issues at hand. It’s a good improvement as it is a great time saver.

Support for One-Up Continuous Label Printer

Old versions of QuickBooks used to only support page-oriented or single sheet printers and perforated edge printers. These printer types print multiple labels either on old school pin-fed perforated continuous paper or single pages.

The new QuickBook Pro now allows you to print on one-up (single roll) continuous labels. You can see this option in the Print Forms under File. It’s a nice addition, but the program doesn’t allow for much control for customization.

Note, though, that this feature only works if your printer is utilizing the ZPL protocol, a printer language that the Zebra company developed.

Simplified Upgrade Process

This isn’t exactly a feature. However, an optimized upgrade experience is a nice improvement. With the new QuickBook Pro, the file upgrade process is streamlined and reduced to a couple of steps. Before this update, users are prompted to go through a series of queries amounting to eight tedious steps just so they can upgrade the program to its latest edition.

Now, Intuit banishes the complex process and instead simply lays out a dialog box with the option to update or otherwise.


  • Highly intuitive online interface
  • Smooth and simple setup
  • Navigation is clean and the information is well-organized
  • Plenty of new features


  • Bugs are still consistent with the software
  • No e-mail support
  • Long hold intervals on phone help support
  • Limited access for personalizing a user’s access level
  • Some additional modules or add-ons require separate payment
  • Auto copy of ship-to address is not available


QuickBook Pro 2016 has a lot of nifty improvements and new features, making it one of the best in its product space.

QuickBooks Pro Discount Coupon Code

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QuickBook Pro saves time and money with its clean interface, seamless integration with other business products, and all of the basic functions of accounting. Moreover, the software program allows you to run your books and automate accounting processes on the go using a mobile device.

The bottom line here is if you are looking for a new look and feel, QuickBook Pro 2016 is definitely worth a shot. For its several new great features and a smoother user experience, QuickBook Pro is arguably one of the best accounting applications you can purchase today.


Compatibility: Windows 7+, OS X 10.6+

Browser Supported: All major Internet browsers (Chrome or Firefox recommended)

Mobile App: Android, iPhone, iPad, Microsoft Surface

Simultaneous Users: Up to 3 users at a time

Accounting Method: Cash Basis and Accrual Accounting

Support Resources: Phone, Online Form, Social Media (Facebook and Twitter), In-Program Assistance

*Software Download and installation not available

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