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Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Home 13 Review

Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Home 13 Product Description


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Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Home 13 is a PC-based voice dictation software product that allows users to accomplish everyday tasks and personal projects on their computer using just their voice.

Ideal for multi-taskers, the software is designed to be intuitive enough to learn most often used words and phrases, as well as spell more difficult words and names correctly. With its multiple microphone options, users can operate the software headset free and hands-free.

Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Home 13 can be used immediately within minutes of unboxing, and comes with helpful tutorials for ease-of-use.

Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Home 13 Review

This Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Home 13 Review contains the features, pros, and cons of using the voice dictation software.

Its hands-free and headset free features allows users to cover more tasks during their day, allowing for multi-tasking while working on their PC or laptop using voice commands to complete their to-do list.

Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Home 13 Review – Is It Worth the Switch?

Students, retirees, housewives, and work-from-home individuals will find Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Home 13 a useful addition to their software arsenal, particularly if they have busy days filled with homework, personal projects, and home-based business tasks.

While startlingly half the price of its Premium version, starting at $74.99 up to $99.99, it is still a challenge to learn, and requires time and perseverance to master the software.

What’s in the Box?

The dictation software comes in a box with product dimensions measuring 7.5 x 5 x 2.5 inches.

The dictation software package also comes in a PC Disc and Headset Bundle that includes the Dragon Naturally Speaking Home 13.0 English DVD-Rom, and a Koss CS100 Speech Recognition Computer Headset.

The headset is made out of a Neodymium/iron/boron magnet structure for high sensitivity and reduced sound distortion, and features a 20Hz-20kHz frequency response. It has a built-in noise-canceling microphone, an 8-foot cord, and a limited lifetime warranty.

Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Home 13 system requirements include at least a 2.2 GHz dual core AMD processor or its equivalent, 2 to 4 GB of RAM, 4GB of free hard disk space, a DVD-ROM drive to install the software, a sound card that supports 16-bit recording, and an Internet connection to automatically activate the product.

New Updates

Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Home 13 offers new features, including improved speed and accuracy, support for widely-used webmail programs like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and

Headset-free and Hands-free Dictation

Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Home 13 allows users to dictate text even without using a headset or their hands. It offers a host of microphone options, including one that can be integrated for laptop use.

Create Documents, Control a PC and Navigate the Web

From document creation in any Microsoft Office Suite program, WordPerfect or Notepad, to going through PC programs and applications, and browsing the Internet, the Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Home 13 harnesses the user’s voice to interact with their PC or laptop and access various functions.

Dictate Email Messages and Manage Inboxes and Calendar

Users can dictate, edit and send email messages using major webmail applications like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and, as well as manage their calendar of activities, schedules, and appointments through voice command.

Audio Proofreading

Users can check their assignments, papers, letters, recipes, memos, and other documents easily via the software’s text-to-speech feature, or using an audio playback of previous dictation. It is very similar to listening to an audio book, and allows the user’s eyes to multi-task.

Intuitive Adaptability

Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Home 13 is designed to intuitively adapt quickly by learning frequently used words and phrases, language patterns, as well as long and difficult words and names. The software’s Vocabulary Editor allows users to constantly add words and phrases to improve the accuracy of dictation with continued use of the program.

Its personalized, voice-driven features allows users to create customized commands to input words and phrases they use on a regular basis, as well as to manage various text, image or video files.

Capture Ideas via Dictation

Users can now think out loud and capture their ideas and notes on the go that can later be transcribed on Microsoft Word, WordPerfect or Notepad.

Connect via Social Networks

Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Home 13 allows users to update social media feeds and send IM chat messages without having to touch their keyboard.

Immediate Usage

Although actual mastery of the software may take a while, Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Home 13 can be used immediately after taking it out of the box. The DVD-Rom already contains tutorials to help users learn their way around the software’s intuitive and enhanced design.

User Guide, Cheat Sheets, Online Training and Training Videos

Nuance has provided user guidelines and instructions in the voice dictation software’s DVD-ROM. The company’s Support Page also features a complete user’s guide, cheat sheets, and demo videos, as well as online training for users new to the product.

Overall Pros

  • Improved speed and dictation accuracy.
  • Supports voice dictation for major webmail applications.
  • Deeper integration with Web tools.
  • Extended commands and controls for Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.

Overall Cons

  • Lack of Excel and PowerPoint 2010 and 2013 support.
  • Lack of comprehensive Chrome support compared to Internet Explorer.
  • Challenging to learn.
  • Requires time and user dedication to master.
  • Does not keep transcription records of the user’s voice.
  • Cannot import or export custom vocabulary lists.
  • Lack of custom voice commands to insert often-used text and graphics.

Making the Switch

For users looking to purchase a relatively inexpensive dictation software package, Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Home 13 is a sound choice. Despite its steep learning curve, and lack of comprehensive features the Premium version offers, it still provides value for money.

Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Home 13 is a PC voice dictation software compatible with:

  1. Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  2. Windows 8.1 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  3. Windows 8 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  4. Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  5. Windows Server 2012 Standard Edition (64-bit)
  6. Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit)

Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Home 13 supports:

  1. Internet Explorer 9 or higher
  2. Google Chrome (current version)
  3. Mozilla Firefox (current version)
  4. MS Office 2013
  5. MS Office 2010
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