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ABBYY FineReader PDF 15 (for Windows) - COUPON 20%

Get ABBYY FineReader PDF 15 (for Windows) at 20% off. Coupon is Valid for Standard & Corporate Version (full and upgrade licenses)
Ends: May 30, 2021
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ABBYY FineReader - COUPON 10%
Ends: December 31, 2021

ABBYY FineReader PDF 15 (for Windows) - COUPON 20%

Get ABBYY FineReader PDF 15 (for Windows) at 20% off. Coupon is Valid for Standard & Corporate Version (full and upgrade licenses)
Ends: May 31, 2021
ABBYY Europe Affiliate Program

ABBYY FineReader 12 Professional

ABBYY Software introduces the new ABBYY FineReader 12 Professional OCR that converts image documents or papers into formats that can be edited including Microsoft Office or searchable PDF. This means that users can reuse their content, archive then also retrieve them quicker than usual. It converts accurately than any other software.

This is one of the few products in the market that eliminates the need to retype documents. If you already have the important information you need, simply copy then paste it. There are many promising features ABBYY FineReader 12 Professional (corporate edition) has apart from just providing access to the entire document of any size. Here is a look at the other benefits you get from the product.

Quick and Accurate


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What users get from the ABBYY 12 is a 99.8% accuracy when images are changed into editable text or searchable PDFs. This is made possible since the Advanced Adaptive Document Recognition Technology (ADRT) retains the multi-page plus the exact formatting of the original document. You don’t have to manually correct the output files, it saves time. The 40% speed enhancement makes FineReader’s Fast Mode recognition the fastest in the market. So if you are running a tight schedule, this is the tool to use.

Supports more languages

Unlike other OCRs, FineReader 12 software is able to support the recognition of 190 languages for OCR and PDF conversion in any language combination. This means that it can also improve OCR for Asian languages. This is suitable for corporate functions.

Extracts text and tables from selected areas

Users can actually have instant access to the documents being changed with the new FineReader. This means that you don’t have to wait for the whole process to complete before you can view your document. In fact, whether it’s a few pages or thousands of pages, you can start reviewing them or select a fragment you wish to copy. All you have to do is select the area you want to extract and the software will help you recognize it then avail it for copying in a matter of seconds.

Creates searchable PDFs

This is the other feature of the ABBYY 12 Professional (and Corporate edition) that makes it a top seller. You can easily make documents available for quicker and easier search by simply converting them to searchable PDF or PDF/A formats. There is also the MRC compression that’s optional. So you can save storage resources when you find necessary.

Converts PDFs to editable formats

The fact that this software can easily transform PDFs to formats you can edit make it the best to use in the office or at home. The conversion capabilities are flexible. You can update or re-use what you think is important in your PDF documents.


New improvements

The built-in text verification and editing tools will reduce the need for editing or correcting after you have converted your documents. This feature has been improved to make sure the results you get are exactly what you wanted.

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The time needed to check whether everything is recognized properly and making necessary corrections has also been reduced. The verification tool with support for intuitive shortcuts works just fine. It is also easier to check then change text formatting or manage the input styles before you save the recognition results by using the new improved text editor.

If you have more than enough tasks to handle, it may not be easy to carry a book around especially if its cumbersome. The ABBYY FineReader 12 Professional allows you to convert papers and PDFs documents into mobile-friendly formats that can be used with e-book readers or smartphones for on-the-go readers.

Sending and retrieving documents from the cloud has never been this easy. Google Drive, SkyDrive, SharePoint or Dropbox are the main Cloud storage providers. You can download anything from them for conversion. You can then save the results to whichever provider you find best for backup then share in a quicker and easier way.

The new ABBYY 12 Professional has been designed in a new Windows 8 look and feel. It features an improved Quick Tasks menu that’s available from the Windows 8 Start screen. From a single click, you can change documents into your favorite editable formats like Microsoft Word, PDF and Excel. The best part is that you don’t have to launch FineReader’s main window.

This new software does more than you can expect from a FineReader. It is mostly used in corporate settings due to the fact that it can apply intelligent pre-processing algorithms that improve photographed image quality, get rid of noise, whiten backgrounds and straighten text lines to give out the highest accuracy.

The documents that are changed from photographs look almost as real as scanned documents. So what you get is something that’s virtually impossible to tell the difference from the original one.

In case you have a screen shot you need converted into something good enough to be presented, the ABBYY FineReader 12 Professional is the tool to use. As a bonus application, it comes with a free copy of ABBYY Screenshot Reader. This feature allows you to easily and quickly copy text, images or tables from your screen then insert them into presentations, emails, reports etc.


The software flawlessly replicates flayers or brochures so that users can find it easier to edit anything in a simpler way. You can customize and re-create your files so they can be accessed by the application you are used to. It only takes a matter of seconds to convert a document.


The different windows created by various processes can be confusing. This makes it hard to use especially if you don’t know much about computers.


This is a simple software that can be used by any person both at work or at home. Once you learn the different module functions then ABBYY FineReader 12 Professional will be your favorite software. It does an excellent job in almost all optical character recognition functions. So for anyone who needs accurate text recognition, this may be the best tool you will ever find that’s indispensable for anyone.


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